The Secretariat

Secretariat structure

Secretariat structure

Secretariat management

The Secretariat is headed by the Director General and 4 CxOs. It comprises about 120 members of staff who provide technical, administrative and logistical support for all our activities.

It is based in a purpose-built main headquarters building and the adjacent Einstein Building on the hi-tech activities park in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France.

Luis Romero Vincent-Depagne Corinne-Elena Jorgen-Friis adrian-scrase

Luis Jorge Romero
Director General


Vincent Depagne
Chief Information
IT & Connectivity

Corinne Elena
Chief Financial

Jørgen Friis
Chief Service 

Adrian Scrase
Chief Technology

For other contacts in the Secretariat please refer to our Contact us page.

ETSI main building


The work of the Secretariat

  • Support officers and assistants look after and support individual committees and projects
  • Centre for Testing and Interoperability provides support and assistance to our technical committees to ensure standards are well-written, complete, clear, unambigious and well-structured
  • A team of editing specialists assists with the processing, approval and publication of the standards that are drafted by our committees (including the operation of editHelp!, a dedicated service with practical aids for drafting standards)
  • Communication services to ensure information on ETSI’s work is available and known
  • Hosting meetings of ETSI committees in the Secretariat
  • Workshop and event management
  • Co-ordinating our relationships with external organizations such as the European Commission and other standardization organizations
  • Financial services
  • IT services
  • Legal services
  • HR services

In addition, we provide support for the two global Partnerships Projects: